A new studio

Montreal was and always will be an amazing place to build a new game studio. Our studio is driven by passion, quality work, and above all the imagination to make all players dream.

Built for the cloud

Paralog Studio is built from the ground up in the cloud ! With impressive 3D engine tools, custom audio integration software, and a unique publishing suite for both mobile and console.

Built on experience

The co-founders of the studio represent by themselves 136 years of experience in the world of AI and video games. That’s one cool number to look at !

(And we love numbers)

A true R&D culture

At the core of our studio, there are 4 strong pillars : Experimentation, innovation, learning, and creativity.

Those pillars represent the foundation of our values. 

One beautiful studio

We are hard at work making magic happen in a stimulating environment. After Covid we understand the challenges of creating a cozy studio where everyone will feel at home.

Excited? We’d love to hear from you!